Piano Disc QuietTime ‘Magi Star’ Silent Piano System fitted

You get the best of both worlds.

A real upright or grand piano with all of the benefits of a digital piano.

This new product is now available from Geoff Long Music and brings the features of an electronic piano to an acoustic piano and lets you mute a piano for a private performance.

You can play your piano with headphones. This is great for high-density living or late night practice. You cna record your performance and play a duet with yourself or you can connect your computer with MIDI and compose a multi track record.

This system can be fitted to you piano – takes between 4-6 hours.

Nearly everyone enjoys the sound of live piano music, but sometimes silence is either necessary or just appreciated. With the versatile QuietTime ‘MagicStar’ system, you can control the sound of your piano: with the pull of a leaver, you can play your piano silently, hearing your performance exclusively through headphones.

The ‘MagicStar’ opens a world of possibilities for the creative musician. Never before has the acoustic piano been able to offer so many features and yet maintain its traditional appeal. This powerful 128 tones General MIDI system gives professionals and beginners the flexibility to experiment and create without sacrificing the touch, look and sound of the classic piano.

Features include a 128-note polyphony, Record with playback (30,000 notes), a built-in metronome, Graphic display, Audio-In and Audio-Out, stereo headphones, built-in 128 sound module (featuring piano and church organ sounds, MIDI-In, Out and Thru and a piano mute rail.

Please see in store for more details.